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Being a manager takes a thick skin. Every day you have to make decisions that not everyone is going to like. Some will have a small impact and some will make a big difference but every decision triggers a change. Think butterfly effect. Every choice has options and the option you choose has an outcome. There is no going back from any decision you make and you have I ride with the outcome. 
Now consider that everyday you are a manager.... the manager of the company of YOU. You are faced with choices and have to act on them, some you have time to consider and others have to be rather more quickly taken. All are important and the outcome will change your future. It is through this cycle that your life evolves. 
As you make these choices you will be offered advice, asked to include others in your outcomes and be given options outside your own path. You will make decisions that sometimes go against your better judgement, often for the sake of others happiness rather than your own. And someti…


So many times today I’ve heard people say they always make mistakes in everything they make and do. 
Why are we so critical of ourselves all the time? What we need to do is stop and think about these ‘mistakes’. Do other people even see them for a start? Are we making a big deal out of something because it didn’t quite go the way we planned it in the first place and if so it isn’t a mistake at all merely a new direction or a slightly different way of doing something. Edison had a clear view on mistakes - he didn’t make any he just found lots of different ways of doing things! 
You see a mistake is a very negative state whereas a new direction or a different way of doing something is a positive approach. 
Embrace your inner wabi sabi and start enjoying mistakes as new ideas and not making yourself feel bad for not quite going the direction you set out in. 
No one is perfect, but we’re all amazing.

je suis vendre poisson - or I am going to be selfish!

Yes it looks like very bad french, but at dinner the other night I was discussing the idea that sometimes in life it is ok to be selfish and one of the children misheard me and thought I said sell fish so we decided it would be better in french and that was the closest they could get!

The point was that at times we need to think about ourselves and what it actually the right thing to do for us. This does not mean we can walk around saying we are better than anyone else and being an arsehole about it but we have to realise that it is ok to put our own well being at the forefront in our life.

It's ok to be you to and the guy on the corner. In fact everyone is ok to be themselves - but the most important person in your life is you and that is who you need to focus on right now. SO lets sit down and do just that. How many times this week have you done something just for you?  Here's my list of things I do just for me just because I can -

1) eat cake for breakfast
2) sit in my fav…

why the world needs more dresses....

Every girl dreams of being a princess at least once in her life, just not every princess is Cinderella and needs a prince charming to sweep her off in glass slippers and a crystal gown. Some girls would be more at home in the flaming dress from the Hunger Games. I have spent much of the last few weeks learning that I am most definitely not the only one who would love a ballgown to match my ombre purple and blue hair...
 Or something that is most definitely not at all white! We love to make a statement and our clothes are an extension of our personality so why do we spend so much time allowing the world to force us into a box with our outfits. I had a fantastic time last week at the festival of quilts one day with my son and another with my co-designer. On the first day I have never been stopped by the press so much and asked if we could be photographed 'because you don't look like our typical show goer!'. Just because we weren't in blue jeans and a top and had let ou…

the endless to do list.....

We all have one, it goes on and on and never gets finished. It takes over our lives and makes us feel that we are not achieving anything. We have been brought up to feel like we have to finish these lists or we are not a success. I know a woman who even crosses things off her list and writes them on a new piece of paper just so she can throw the old one away and feel like she finished it.

How about trying the idea that we don't need to finish the list. Life is not about trying to prove ourselves to anyone by completing the overlong list...

Far too many of us also torture ourselves by keeping the list mentally adding to it bit by bit until we cannot even remember where it started! So instead of keeping the list in your head go and write it down.

Now look at your list and be honest with yourself. What do you actually need to do. First cross out the things that have been on the list for more than one month. Then cross out what you are only doing to please other people and not yourse…

You can never have too many shoes!

In a world where body shape changes so fast, and believe me I know all about it. I have been through 4 pregnancies, 2 courses of medication that caused super fast weight gain and one that caused the reverse one thing remains fairly constant (at least once we finish growing) - the size of our feet.  While my waist may have fluctuated from a size 8 to a size 16 and back again my feet remained at their happy size 7. So while I scoured the charity shops and bargain rails for clothes and my wardrobe was varying from flouncy frocks to hide the baby bulge to tailored suits to show off the curvy bits then into skinnies and t's. my shoe collection continued to grow as I never felt bad about buying a new pair of shoes as my feet were always happy.

So next time you look in the mirror and don't like what you see look down and remember how beautiful the bottom of your legs always look in a funky pair of shoes.

Check out these beauties - I couldn't resist them because of the name 'T…