Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Edouarde Vuillard

a set of 5 panels > above

This is an example of how the paint looks close up. It is applied in small dabs with space in between and does not fill the whole space. Areas of the canvas are still visible in some of his works. The overall painting is not smooth - the shapes of the features reflect the style of paint application. > below

Marc Lombardi

Lombardi made diagrams of how certain things and people were linked together in a format we recognise as a mind map or spidergram

Julie Mehretu

done in acrylic paint and ink - the paint creates a base set of shapes in most of the images with areas masked and then painted over. Then phtoographs and other images are projected onto the canvas and they are drawn on by hand using a ruler to make them look like building plans. Several layers are put over each other leaving a confusing but intriguing result.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

alexandra valenti

tibetan sand paintings

Shane Hart

All balanced - no strings, glue etc!!

Julia Likes

Stone Art with a twist