Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fine Artists

Bert Rodriguez - as long as I can love you

Gilbert and George

Stephen G Rhodes - Interregnum Repetition Restoration Upholstered - 2008

Tony Matelli - weed

Yamini Nayar - by a thread

Simen Johan - until the kingdom comes

Rashid Johnson - promised land

Peter Fischli and David Weiss - untitled (sleeping puppets)

Peter Coffin - Untitled (designs for colby poster company)

Maurizio Cattelan - La rivoluzione siamo noi

Lucas Moran - Neon and Lilacs

Kim Dorland - untitled

NURTUREart - kids and secret school network of secret gardens

Kadar Brock - Impossibility of love in the fourth dimension

Jennifer Rubell - old fashioned (made with 1521 old fashioned dunkin donuts)

Brendan Fowler

Jason Rhoades - Untitled (chandelier) 2004

Jade Townsend - sick sick wind

Genesis Breyer p_orridge - the fractured garden

Ellen Harvey - the room of the subliminal wallpaper

Ed Ruscha - vital to the core

Damien Hirst - dance naked

Anh Duong - The lure of disillusion